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Does your business have a Best Practice digital marketing strategy?

Start your journey towards best-practice online, with the 252-page digital marketing strategy handbook for business owners and in-house marketing teams.

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Meet the author.

Steve Brennan, Author & CEO of Bespoke Digital Agency in Lancashire
About Bespoke Digital Agency

Need to know more? Here's what you'll find inside.

The Five Mindsets

The book is divided into four key sections so that if your priority is to address a particular issue you can jump straight to it.

Tried & Tested Methods

The methods were developed over 20-years working with business owners and in-house teams to drive digital lead generation.

Over 25 Diagrams

Many principles are also explained in diagrammatic form to make them easier to understand and share with colleagues.

The blueprint for building your best practice Digital Marketing Strategy.

  • Five mindsets of digital marketers
  • Four elements that are always in place
  • A foundation of great digital assets
  • Mastery in strategic digital marketers
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Learn from the best. Master the S-T-A-R formula.

This book shows you how to win in Digital, so you can win in business.
Daniel Priestley, author of Oversubscribed and 24 Assets
Felicity Wingrove
Zen Communications
A lightbulb moment for businesses

“A comprehensive book which works through the process of implementing a digital marketing strategy in a business. It is aimed at business owners or in-house marketing teams who are not sure if they have a best practice approach to online lead generation.”

Neil How
Limelight Solutions
A must in any business owners library

“I now have a rock solid plan and feel totally comfortable with our strategy. I have nothing but praise for the author. He has captured a complex topic in a really clear and compelling manner. It is a great read - an absolute must in any business owners library.”

Keith Edmunds
Tiger Computing
Really helpful for in-house teams

“The book is of most use to those who work in, or whose businesses have in-house teams. It explains how the most successful SMEs organise their digital marketing teams and build the right strategy so their time and budget works as hard as it possibly can.”

Now you've read the book, here's what to do next.

Join us on the Digital Accelerator. The 20 week course that will teach you how to master the art of online marketing.

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Get it now on Amazon Get a Free Chapter

Bespoke enables people to make sense of digital so they can build great businesses, great careers and great lives.

We started in digital marketing in 2001, building websites when many people didn't really understand what the internet was.

In the years since we've helped clients generate over £1bn of online revenue too.

Now we provide web design and digital marketing to established businesses, often in service or manufacturing sectors.

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The Digital Accelerator is a 20-week programme to build a robust digital strategy and start delivering on it! In less than 20 weeks you will transform your approach to digital marketing as agency experts mentor you through a programme to bring elite-level strategies to your digital marketing.

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